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Marketplace system has great responsibilities at:

  1. How to manage thousand sellers efficiently? It allows sellers to register, manage their accounts, permissions based on their role.
  2. How to manage million products with complicated attribute structure and many kind fulfillment processes?
  3. How to operate sophisticated order business flow?
  4. How to report revenue of thousand sellers with flexible commission/fee model?
  5. How to provide high performance API to other systems that can handle at least 1k requests per second and 4 million data changes per day
  6. How to integrate in real time to various kinds of system:
  • Warehouse system to manage inventory adapt to multiple warehouse location
  • Accounting system to report revenue
  • Order system to manage order flow
  • Caching/Indexing system to update high performance data source such as Redis, Elastic, Mongo Database…

We are looking for talented software engineers who’d love to tackle challenges in a complex E-commerce system. You will be building and optimizing critical components of the platform:

  • Catalog management system: scale up management of millions of physical and virtual products.
  • Indexing system: ensure smooth propagation of changes between databases and provide fast data access to be able to handle thousands of messages per second.
  • High performance product catalog API: scale up the highest throughput API in Tiki’s system. These APIs have to handle at least ten thousand request per seconds.
  • Seller management system: help internal staff manage sellers registrations and setup advanced commision/fee model.
  • Order management system: help sellers process their orders as fast as possible.

We Offer:

  • Challenges to reach the Global Level Engineers.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Performance review (twice a year), 13th month pay and bonus based on performance.
  • Stock option for senior position.
  • Annual health check-up, premium healthcare and other insurance packages.

We Require:

  • Bachelor of computer science.
  • Good at problem solving.
  • Good at at least one of programming languages: PHP, Java, Python, Node.Js, Go, C/C++.
  • Good at OOP.

For senior require more:

  • 5+ years of Software Engineering, with a proven track record of delivering large-scale, distributed, web based production systems.
  • Understanding of design for large scalability, performance and reliability.
  • Experience working on a large scale deployments and performance tuning.
  • Strong at object oriented analysis and design.

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